AwareOps for External IT Ops

Critical business systems are the lifeblood of any modern business especially when managing large groups of external users.

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Your business depends on cloud services. AwareOps helps your IT team manage outages with those services so that users have full transparency and visibility into critical business systems availability, especially if you're managing large groups of external business users.

Understanding the Problems Modern IT Teams Face

In today's world where many businesses are reliant on SaaS offerings for E-mail, Productivity, ERP, CRM, etc. it means IT teams are completely reliant and are at the mercy of those third party providers. Unfortunately, managing this providers is complex and challenging. Furthermore you may want an automated way to notify employees and large groups of external business partners know the status of those service providers. This is where AwareOps can help.

Business Context Aware Monitoring

Through our use of service facade monitoring, you can now create "Service Facades" for contextual business monitoring. For example, you can create one facade for just internal Marketing that notifies them of outages with Zoom and SalesForce, while you have another facade setup for the external LMS portal that serves your company's 10,000 business partners who login every day. Maybe that LMS depends on AWS and AWS has an outage? AwareOps lets you set this up so that notifications are only sent and managed to the business users who really care. This means less noise to the whole company and more targeted communication to your business community.

How do I know when my business systems are up?

When a cloud service goes down, you need to react, notify employees and business partners and get a plan in motion. Your business may not have a formal business continuity plan in place, much less even know if a service has an outage.

While managing an outage, you also may get flooded with calls, instant messages, and tickets from users. Imagine the LMS with 10,000 users all hammering your IT Support function. Now that many business applications are integrated with each other, what is "down" is even more confusing.

AwareOps tracks, monitors and notifies you of critical business systems outages. Not only that, but you'll know the root cause of the issue instantaneously, which means less effort and greater transparency to your business users. It also means less flooding of your IT Support system which means IT support teams spend less time triaging similarly identified issues by the business community and business partners and more time fixing root causes.

How do I track the downtimes of all of the business systems that I currently use?

Monitor all your services' status in one place

Instead of going to each service's status pages, AwareOps can do this for you. We monitor over 1500+ services on your behalf. This means you no longer need to subscribe to every single one of these services independently. You simply add them to your Service Catalog in AwareOps.

How do I notify my business and key users of systems in a meaningful way?

Incident Response in the Modern SaaS Era

Alerting employees of outages is sometimes a painful exercise. Some service providers have a myriad of ways to alert and very often their status pages are inaccurate!

We make that simple now with the use of Service Facades. You can set how, when and what method of notifications you want to communicate with your internal team, users, or business communities.


Business Partner Status Page

You may also want to set up an external status page for a large group of external business users. For example, you are a university that manages Office365 email inboxes for 50,000 students. Instead of the students hammering your support inbox when Microsoft has an Office365 outage, you can point them to their custom status page.


Your internal team can set up as many channels as you want to alert business users by certain business function. You may, for example, set up a Marketing Slack channel and a Finance Slack channel. So if Zoom and SalesForce have an outage only the Marketing team will get notified in Slack. If NetSuite has an outage, then only Finance will get notified.


Want to send direction messages to individuals either via SMS or email? How about to an email distribution list? That's also possible in AwareOps.


You can set up notifications to send info to incident response PagerDuty, Opsgenie or your own Atlassian Status Page.

How can AwareOps Help?

AwareOps makes all of this monitoring much more simple. No more trying to spend half your time debugging outages to find out that a third party outage was the culprit.

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