Service status pages lie, ours don't.

AwareOps is a reliability platform that proactively alerts teams about service outages for both internal and external services.


How it Works



Visualize Service Landscape

Visualize your whole service landscape.

Monitor External Services

Choose from our library of 1,000+ external services such as AWS, Cloudflare, GitHub, Heroku, and more.

Monitor Service Facades

Create Service Facades that encapsulate several dependencies


Choose from a variety of ways to notify dev members, users, customers, or constituents  via SMS, Slack, direct messaging, social media channels, etc.

Key Benefits of AwareOps

Simplify Complex Landscapes

Modern software and business application landscapes that leverage multiple vendors and microservice endpoints can now be clearly understood.

More Efficient Debugging

Reduce issue triage by having a complete log of service dependency outages. Save up to 75% of developer debugging time that can be better served enhancing your application.

Reduce Support Clutter

Eliminate chatting and noisy support streams either internally or externally by getting information about service depedency outages that are contextually aware (e.g. the Dev team vs the Sales team).

Streamline Communication at Scale

Using external Status Pages means your business community can understand outages without annoying your support team.

Automated Incident Response

Automate incident response capabilities even in a lean environment where documentation is limited and processes may be undefined.


Why can't I just subscribe to the services I use own alerts instead?

You absolutely can. However the advantage of our system is to get all of those logs aggregated into one place using Service Facades. These Service Facades then let you control how you notify constituents using a number of different channels, all customizable by your organization.

Can my IT team and my software DevOps team share an account?

Definitely. You can have as many user accounts as you'd like. You simply setup Service Facades for all of the monitoring you would like to accomplish. For example, you can setup a Sales Service Facade that monitors SalesForce and Zoom, while your dev team might only want to monitor AWS, GitHub and Cloudflare.

How many third party services do you support out of the box? What if a service I use isn't supported?

We support over 1,500+ services such as AWS, GitHub, CloudFlare, etc. If we don't have the service listed you simply hit a button and it will notify support to add it. We usually can add a service in 1-2 hours.

Can I monitor internal services that I maintain, such as microservice?

Absolutely. We have custom triggers that you can use to monitor any type of service. For example, it may ping an API endpoint every 5 minutes to see if it's still active and alert you if there is an outage.

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